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A Message From Pastor Bill

I was blessed to have been able to go on the 500-mile pilgrimage across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. I don't really know how to describe the experience, but I learned such a great deal about myself and about life in the Spirit. I am still processing what I experienced and probably will be for a very long time I guess. Before I left I read a devotional piece by Richard Rohr where he talked about the importance of liminal experiences and how they serve our spiritual transformation. Liminal experiences are those that take place outside of our comfort zones. The act of pilgrimage takes you there. 


On pilgrimage you learn very well that you are not in control. You learn the art of surrender and of taking things as they come. You learn that God is faithful and will guide and direct your path, provide for you, heal you when you need it, and speak to you in deep and personal ways. Not everyone can walk 500 miles, but I believe everyone can find a way to walk with Jesus through life. All you need to bring is desire. Jesus fills in the blanks with His plan and purpose. How wonderful to know our Savior is 100% good and 100% for us at all times. Jesus is worthy of our adoration and our heartfelt praises.


I invite you to come join us in that adoration and in those praises. We seek to be a family of God's people who lift His name on high.


In Christ's love,       


Pastor Bill


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