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Join a Church Committee

Our church thrives as a result of the amazing members of our Congregation who get involved in the many committees that help our Church and our community. Please consider joining one of these committees: 

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Maintains our Church building, all of the working parts within it, and the grounds around it.
Christian Education Committee
Helps plan and maintain the educational efforts that our Church offers.
Congregational Care Committee
In addition to our amazing Deacons, this committee also exhibits the love of Christ by helping care for those in need within our Church Congregation.
Social Media & Public Relations Committee
We are responsible for updating our church website, Facebook & Instagram posts, any newspaper ads and opening and handling any new social media platforms.
Fellowship and Outreach Committee
Helps plan and implement activities and events for Church Members and he community-at-large.
Finance Committee
Oversees the finances of the Church and supports the Treasurer in their duties.
Missions Committee
Helps identify the missions we will support as a Church. Committee members act as liaisons with the different missions we support.
Personnel Committee
Responsible for handling Church staff matters including annual reviews, hiring, and resolving any issues that arise.
Search Committee 
Helps identify Church Members who might be a good fit for empty positions as Deacon or Elder. Extends invitations to join those important and essential groups.
Stewardship Committee
Designs the Worship Services during the weeks our Church focuses on Stewardship.
Worship Committee
Helps ensure that the details of our Worship Service and other Worship-related activities are properly in place.


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