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Our Purpose At FPC


Our Mission:


Touching the Heart of God and the Hearts of People in the Heart of Merchantville.

We are a people who encourage one another to celebrate our life in Christ. God changes ordinary life into abundant living, through our participation in worship, Christian education, fellowship and service.


We cultivate relationships among those of all ages, allowing us to rejoice with each other's joys and uphold and sustain one another during times of need.


We provide all people the opportunity to find and develop their God-given gifts.


We make the love of God real to our neighbors as we seek to live out the Scriptures and grow in our faith.


Through our doors all may find refuge and comfort in God's saving love and grace.

Our Values:


We are a community who seek to carry out our historic mission of the public worship of God in the Presbyterian form in the township of Merchantville. In so doing, we follow Jesus Christ, live in his grace, and share his love. The First Presbyterian Church in Merchantville, NJ extends a simple and unqualified welcome, in Christ’s name, to all who seek to join us.

We affirm that there can be no exclusiveness within the body of Christ, and therefore invite all children of God into membership and encourage the full participation of all members in every area of the life of this congregation.

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